Instigator Jukebox 113 - LE TIGRE

LE TIGRE. I remember those stupid ass fucking knit shirts. I also remember that I love Kathleen Hannah more than life itself. I will have to fight my friends for her, and I will, and I will come out the winner, for my love/lust runs deep. This band always makes ya wanna dance, and they do so on the most basic of electronic instruments. They also bash you over the head repeatedly with their politics but that is better to me than some loser fucking band singing endless songs about their last girlfriend/boyfriend. They also have quite possibly the ugliest lesbian in music in the band.






Well Well Well


Fake French


I'm So Excited (fan vid)


Hot Topic (live)


Deceptacon (live)

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plasticfuzz said...

i love checking out you jukebox everfew weeks cause i know ill find everthing i grew up with thanks bor miss you and houston