Instigator Jukebox 153 - Beastie Boys live on Letterman (RIP Adam Yauch/MCA)

Ad Rock, MCA, Mike D

I have a personal ritual that has evolved out of my record collection.  Whenever an artist I collect ends their stay on this planet I go home and play everything I own from them, beginning to end.  For some it may be just one or two albums, or even just a single, but for others, such as Adam Yauch/MCA, who had been trying to kick throat cancer's ass since 2009, It can be an hours-long sonic memorial.  It helps me appreciate at that moment how much of my life I have shared with these people through their existence in either my ears or my mind.  Music rules.  MCA, you made my life better man.  Thanks,


(on an aside - I dread the horrible day I hear that one of the members of Sonic Youth has kicked the sonic bucket, but on that day and on any other Sonic death day, I will play my entire Sonic Youth collection front to back.  All the studio albums, the SYR experimental series, the live albums, the bootlegs, the split E.P.'s, the 12 " singles, the 7 " singles, the 10" singles, the solo work, and any collaborations they may have done, and goddamn do they do a ton. It may take weeks.)

Here are a sampling of some of the Beastie Boys best TV appearances, and coincidentally, they all happen to be on the Letterman show.  Enjoy.

Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Beastie Boys - Live at PJ's

Beastie Boys - 3 MC's/So Whatcha Want

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