Instigator Jukebox 153 - Beastie Boys live on Letterman (RIP Adam Yauch/MCA)

Ad Rock, MCA, Mike D

I have a personal ritual that has evolved out of my record collection.  Whenever an artist I collect ends their stay on this planet I go home and play everything I own from them, beginning to end.  For some it may be just one or two albums, or even just a single, but for others, such as Adam Yauch/MCA, who had been trying to kick throat cancer's ass since 2009, It can be an hours-long sonic memorial.  It helps me appreciate at that moment how much of my life I have shared with these people through their existence in either my ears or my mind.  Music rules.  MCA, you made my life better man.  Thanks,


(on an aside - I dread the horrible day I hear that one of the members of Sonic Youth has kicked the sonic bucket, but on that day and on any other Sonic death day, I will play my entire Sonic Youth collection front to back.  All the studio albums, the SYR experimental series, the live albums, the bootlegs, the split E.P.'s, the 12 " singles, the 7 " singles, the 10" singles, the solo work, and any collaborations they may have done, and goddamn do they do a ton. It may take weeks.)

Here are a sampling of some of the Beastie Boys best TV appearances, and coincidentally, they all happen to be on the Letterman show.  Enjoy.

Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Beastie Boys - Live at PJ's

Beastie Boys - 3 MC's/So Whatcha Want


Instigator Jukebox 152 - Sonic Youth Covers

Everyone knows that SONIC YOUTH are my favorite band ever.  Because of this I have a soft spot for anyone who chooses to cover the sonic gods.  Here are a few of them for your pleasure. It's good to see so many young acts still rock the Youth.

I don't know who these guys are but I really dig his crazy cover of one of my favorite Sonic Youth Lee tracks.

TWICES - Sonic Mote

Here are The Raveonettes doing their thing live.



Taking it to a weird place! Noise Fabrique live.



? - Hoarfrost


All I can think of is Kathleen Hannah dancing so sexy in the original video...

THE GO TEAM - Bull In The Heather


Instigator Jukebox 151 - EARTH WIND & FIRE

There are superstars of funky dance music but few come close to the soul sweetness of Earth Wind & Fire. They bring out the full funk jams, the disco grooves to keep the ladies dancing all night, and the grooves to soothe the mind.

Boogie Wonderland


Let's Groove


Instigator Jukebox 150 - MONO

MONO. Mono are from Japan. If you want to see what post-rocking sweetness the Japanese can come up with, dig up some Mono albums. You will not be disappointed.


Yearning (Live in Leipzig)


Moonlight (live)


The Kidnapper Bell (live)


Halo (fan vid)


Instigator Jukebox 149 - BORIS

BORIS. Boris is from japan. Boris will pummel you with rock. Named after a fabulous Melvins tune. Boris makes great albums. Boris is the shit!








Heavy Friends




Instigator Jukebox 148 - CHARALAMBIDES

CHARALAMBIDES. Ahhh, Houston breeds some weird motherfuckers. These two used to be a couple, married and all, the they split up, and divorced, but they still play and perform as Charalambides. Thanks to SOZAVAC for introducing me to them about 6 years ago when he gave me one of their self-produced CD's.


The Eye (Part 1)


The Eye (part 2)


The Eye (part 3)


Hope Against Hope (live)